Multi Talented Magician Dr.BOSE

Magic star Dr. Bose of Andhra Pradesh, India a MULTI TALENTED MAGICIAN for his various achievements in the art of magic since his 42 years of activities. Magic star bose in the magic field: He is a performer, articles writer, author, publisher, editor, founder president, principal, director, dealer, inventor, manufacturer, honorary member, good-will ambassador, titles holder, national awardees, international awardees, doctorate holder, teacher, organizer, vcd performer, propagandist, performer, in abroad and world records holder.


Dr.D.Lakshmi suhasini, Retd Lecturer in Telugu, DRW degree college ( autonomas ), Gudur, Nellore (dt) Herbarial Collographist, Andhra Pradesh, India, created the piece women in flames, sized 22 * 28 inches on atrocities to women. Used were various leaves and six varieties of Ixora cocinea flower petals (6,000). The picture shows how a lady burning in flames, makes the same flames her weapon to come out of her situation.