Longest image created with dots

Longest image created with dots

DARISI THANUJA (Born on Dec 2nd, 2002) D/O Srihari kumar & Rajya lakshmi a student of Srusti Art Academy, ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India created a longest dots image of SANGRAHA RAMAYANAM ( bapu’s image) on canvas of size 102.5 x 29 inches with 26,00,000 dots  (2 . 6 millions ) within 230 hours.


Widest tongue on Earth

Byron Schlenker of Syracuse achieved miracles world records for the widest tongue on Earth. Though his record stands at 8.3 cm, or 3.27 inches, Schlenker continues to measure his tongue at home, and his last measurement grew to 8.6 cm. He blames it on constantly sticking his tongue out for friends and photo shoots.





        RAJASEKHAR.NAMBURU,S/O UMAMAHESWARA RAO  has created a great Indian monument “ TAJMAHAL “ with 40,000 ear buds,  called “ EAR BUDS TAJMAHAL “ its height , width & length is of 41 inches,  dedicated 2 hours each day for 3 years. 


Smallest functional cine reel projector

BARIKI CHANDRA SEKHAR s/o late B. Eranna (Born on July 7th 1974) of yemmiganur, Kurnool (Dist.) Andhra Pradesh, India made the smallest functional cine reel projector measured 1.57 inches in length, 1.97 inches in width , 0.79 inches in thickness by using waste materiel of empty match box, bobbins, wires, and handmade reel .

Smallest functional cine reel projector