Disabled Person Swimming by Hands in the World

Disabled Person Swimming by Hands in the World
PRAKASH MURUGAN NADAR (Born on august 4th, 1976) 65% handicapped person have successfully completed so many international championship and gold medals- have recently successfully completed 42 km sea swimming from Mumbai gate way of India to Revas and back have completed with 17 hr 25 min 55 sec and have swam these distance using through hand only on 8th & 9th march, 2013. This is a world record and we highly appreciated his efforts.


Master Vijay Singh (born on 10 May 1962) in Chausana Village in Uttar Pradesh India, is on strike sitting in front of District Magistrate office in Muzaffarnagar from 19 years since 26 Feb. 1996. His agitation is against corruption and political land grabbers who have grabbed 275 hectures public agriculture land and properties worth Rs. 250 crores his village. His demand is to get free this property and to utilize this for public projects and among poors. As a result of 30 hecters of land freed. His Satyagarh is based on Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of non-violence and public interest being the one man longest agitation in the world.




KORADA BHARATH CHANDRA S/o Sri Ramana , Hemalatha ( Born on 9th Sept, 2008) from Gajularega, Vizianagaram Dist, Andhra Pradesh, India was expert in multiple talents in the tender age of five. He was reciting all names of plants, continents, oceans, world wonders, geography, History, About religions, Holy Books names, State and country capitals, prime Ministers names, all presidents names, Telugu poets names, about languages, railway information’s , science instruments names, inventors names, all rivers names , Authors of various books, National, International Flags , etc..